FORTS Services is in the business of keeping your business up and running. Our units were developed to be seamlessly integrated into your business continuity plan to drastically reduce the impact of interruptions. FORTS were designed to be rapidly deployed, functional, secure and comfortable onsite temporary space, for any and all business needs. When downtime is not an option, our FORTS can be deployed within 72 hours to reestablish full functionality to any organization as efficiently and effectively as possible. After a disaster has occurred, an organization’s ability to maintain essential functions is critical to its continued success. FORTS will help your organization quickly return to a state of “business as usual”

game changers of our FORTS systems

The ability to level on any surface (grass, gravel, sand, concrete)

More secure than any temporary structure

Unique footprint (Minimizes regulatory hurdles)

Unique footprint (20’x20’) with the capability of expanding the physical footprint by connecting additional units

 Ships 4 FORTS per flatbed vs. 1 traditional mobile structure, drastically improving operational efficiency

Rapid opening, closing and movement of FORTS minimizes operational time loss

The ability to deploy anywhere in the continental United States within 72 hours of confirmation is unmatched in the market. It is our mission to do whatever it takes to ensure our clients love not only our product but service as well.