FORTS Services is dedicated to the advancement of mobile medical facilities. Whether units are being used for triage, intake, business continuity, surge capacity or first aid at an event, there are very few functions we have not completed in the medical field. We have worked with the highest level of government branches for medical purposes as well as first aid/ emergency services at some of the largest sporting/ entertainment events in the country.

game changers of our FORTS systems

The ability to fully customize a FORT for your project’s specific needs 

Quality control ensures the utmost quality

The ability to level on any surface (grass, gravel, sand, concrete)

Unique footprint (20’x20’) with the capability of expanding the physical footprint by connecting additional units

Insulated walls and windows dampen sound for a more intimate experience

We pride ourselves on our ability to load-in and strike, on time, regardless of the circumstances

The ability to deploy anywhere in the continental United States within 72 hours of confirmation is unmatched in the market. It is our mission to do whatever it takes to ensure our clients love not only our product but service as well.