What is a FORT?

FORTS stands for Fold-Out Rigid Temporary Solution. FORTS are expandable, fold-out structures made almost entirely out of insulated aluminum panels at our facility in Coconut Creek, FL. FORTS come in many different models and sizes depending on the use and scope of work it is needed for. 

How it Works

How long does it take to set up FORTS at the desired location?

FORTS can be leveled and folded-out in less than 10 minutes using three unskilled laborers, and a few simple hand-tools.

How it Works

What applications can FORTS be used for?

FORTS have been used for a variety of applications in the medical, government, commercial, sports, entertainment, disaster, and marketing sectors.

Are FORTS weatherproof?

All FORTS Products are weather resistant, and are designed to withstand wind loads of over 100 mph using our tie-down system (included), and live and seismic loads (snow etc.) of at least 40 lbs. per sqft.

How many people can sleep in FORTS?

FORTS standard size units are designed to sleep eight to twelve people with our open floor plans. However, interior partition walls can be added for privacy units, and custom sizes and configurations are available upon request.

Can you set FORTS up on any surface?

Yes, FORTS can easily be set-up on surfaces such as grass, asphalt, sand, dirt, or concrete floors. Our built-in leveling system allows FORTS to fold-out in some of the most extreme circumstances without compromising the structural integrity of our units.

What are the dimensions of a FORT?

The dimensions of a singular FORTS unit are 19’- 6” / 17’ – 8.5”. We can combine FORTS units using our proprietary tandeming system to achieve a larger physical footprint as well.

Are FORTS customizable on a per event basis?

Yes! With the proper amount of lead time we can customize just about every aspect to create the perfect FORTS unit for your utilization.

How are FORTS shipped?

FORTS can be shipped by land, sea, or air. We can deliver up to 4 FORTS on a flat-bed trailer or high cube shipping container from our 500,000 sqft. facility in Coconut Creek, Florida to any location in the U.S. They can also be shipped with our custom FORTS trailer, designed for any vehicle with towing capabilities. They can easily be craned onto scaffolding or any preexisting structure.

What are FORTS products made from?

All FORTS Products are made from heavy duty, insulated aluminum panels and extrusions. The FORTS manufacturing team has more than 30 years experience working with aluminum materials. Being made from aluminum, FORTS creates an aesthetic appeal that cannot be replicated with materials such as steel, wood etc.

Are FORTS pre-wired with electrical outlets?

Yes, FORTS are delivered with electrical outlets, air-conditioning, and data connections. FORTS can be connected directly via shore power or using a generator.

Are FORTS products available in any color? Can they be wrapped?

Custom exterior colors, interior colors and any wrapping are available upon request at an additional cost.

Do I have to install and/or maintain the unit?

No, all hand-tools are supplied in the toolbox, which is provided with the unit and our team handles all aspects of the logistics, installation and strike processes.

Where are FORTS manufactured?

FORTS are 100% manufactured and assembled in the USA at our 500,000 sqft. facility in Coconut Creek, FL. Contact us to arrange a date/time to tour our facility.

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