In need of a nontraditional temporary solution? FORTS Innovation is where we open our scope and push the limits of possibility. Our team includes the brightest innovators and industry disruptors who have produced rapid prototypes for automation and connected solutions, Kitchens, Micro Fulfillment, Drone Delivery and even mobile hangars. The real value of the FORTS innovation team is collaborating with newest and most influential partners to bring new use cases and activations to life from mere ideas and concepts. What can we help you innovate?

game changers of our FORTS systems

5G Connectivity and WiFi packages available

Custom tailored solutions depending on YOUR needs

FORTS structure and layout can adapt to shifting innovative goals throughout activation period

Ability to expand the physical footprint by connecting additional units

Rapid opening, closing and movement of FORTS minimizes operational time loss

More secure than any temporary structure

The ability to level on any surface (grass, gravel, sand, concrete)

Unique footprint (Minimizes regulatory hurdles)

The ability to deploy anywhere in the continental United States within 72 hours of confirmation is unmatched in the market. It is our mission to do whatever it takes to ensure our clients love not only our product but service as well.