Available for Rent

A Grand 16’ x 16’ Showroom for Rent

Show Them What You Have in a Showroom Like No other Clarity is always key, especially when it comes to business. That’s why the FORTS Showroom has more clear windows and open views than any other mobile building on the market.

Forts Showroom Model


The natural light that shines into the showroom makes for a brighter meeting space, a warmer presentation room and a clearer office — all with the easy transportability of a mobile building. The FORTS® Showroom has all the space you need for comfortable office furniture and the any other necessities you want to bring in to make your next meeting, demonstration or gallery a big success.

More Rooms. More Space.

FORTS Services Unit 16 x 16

16’ x 16’

FORTS Services Unit 16 x 32

16’ x 32’

FORTS Services Unit 16 x 48

16’ x 48'

Customize Your Showroom Model with Add-Ons

Maximize your FORTS rental experience with a series of add-ons for a truly personalized experience. Here are some of our most popular add-ons:


Add-on ADA compliant ramps, steps and wheelchair access


Select from a wide array of furnishing packages to fit your event’s needs (from VIP lounges to modern offices and green rooms)


Solutions include overhead signs, decal wrapping or display of company colors


Maximize the visual impact of your FORTS Suite with fabric canvas skirting, a picket fence and even shrubbery

See a FORTS® Showroom Model in Action

Take a 360˚ tour of a FORTS® Hospitality Model and then give us a call to see how we can help take your event to the next level in VIP comfort and luxury!

Setup Takes Just 10 Minutes!

The Showroom model is so easy to move and setup that a team of just three people can unfold it in less than 10 minutes. It’s slim, foldable profile makes it easy to roll into just about any space — even through tight doorways and small hallways.


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